The intelligent APP for AM70i


This smart app increases productivity and simplifies complex and multiple measurements.Simply connect over Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet, take a picture of the measuring object or situation, take the readings, drag the measured values ​​in the photo and add comments or details.

Save the edited image and share it via social media, email or download a CSV file.

This means you always have the correct values​​, always and everywhere! Draft Bills lost is history! No more duplicate measurements, no unnecessary costs anymore!


Download documentation

Download Metobox APK*

*For manual installation on android device only!

Step 1

a1Take a picture of the object to be measured, or use an existing image or drawing

Step 2

s1Measure the distances and drag easily the values ​​in the picture

Step 3

s1Send the photo with meassurements to yourself, calculator, office, manufacturer, etc.

Metofix AM70i

AM70i – Intelligent Distance Meter METOFIX

The AM70i is a professional and smart distance meter for precise measurements.
The AM70i features a built-in digital inclinometer, allowing you easy access to measure in difficult to reach places. The Bluetooth function allows measured values to be transferred to a Smartphone or tablet.

Using the unique and free MetoBox app for Apple and Android, measured values can be stored and processed.

The maximum range of the AM70i is 70 meters and includes common features such as Pythagoras, Min-/Max measurements, volume and surface measurements along with a memory function for storing the last 20 measurements and all other common features. The multifunctional end piece is useful when measuring from a corner or from a specific object.

The AM70i is equipped with a 1/4″ tripod socket and comes complete with a canvas carrying pouch.

Painters function

s1Measure the lengths of walls, and then the height of the total wall area for an overall total area calculation.

Stake-out function

s1Simply stake out the desired dimensions which is ideal for (wood) structures and columns.

Indirect measurement

s1Obstacle in the way? Focuses on a point above the obstacle and AM70i will calculate the distance for you!